The Snapshot Diaries Book


I have this insatiable urge to photograph. I take photographs every day. Sometimes of nothing in particular, light, shadow, shapes, people passing by, my dog, of my travels, and encounters. Near the end of 2013 I was wondering what I should do with all my images. How does one organize such a mish-mash of photos? I’ve always had a fondness for photography books. So in 2013 I printed a book called “The Snapshot Diaries” I had 15 copies made and gave them to friends and family. Over the last 4 years it is an exercise that I am focused on through out the year.  


Presented for the first time The Snapshot Diaries is available for purchase. You can buy the book only or select from 8 different prints to be included with your purchase. 


The book is 10” x 8” printed on premium luster paper 108 pages. Each print is printed and signed by me on archival fine art exhibition fiber paper.